I’ve been a long time Carrot user but decided to give Weather Up 3.0 a try after hearing the developer on The Talk Show podcast and reading about Weather Up on Daring Fireball.

The widget is information rich and I prefer it over any of Carrot’s widgets. The app isn’t as feature-rich as Carrot’s and it has a few things that are jarring.

Screenshot of Weather Up’s widget

If you’re not from the US you might be wondering if this app is for me. On the first opening, you will notice that the default cities are all US cities. Time formatting is hardcoded to 12h (you can’t change it, you’re stuck with it) and temperature defaults to Fº. The app does provide its own setting to switch from Fº to Cº but I don’t understand why the developer couldn’t the temperature units defined in iOS’s regional settings. Even the search skews towards US cities.

Count the US flags. Screenshot of the search screen from Weather Up 3.0
Helpful for discovering if your city exists in the US.

I sent feedback regarding the time issue to the developer and it took a month to receive a response. Since the app’s release 3 months ago there have been 2 minor updates.

It’s a good app. It would be great if the issues above could be addressed. It’s a shame I can’t tell if the app is still in active development.

For now I’m going to stick with Carrot. I really liked Weather Up’s widget. It did provide value but not sufficient enough to justify £40 pa. or £4 pcm.