@1password Is it possible to install/run 1Password in ~/Applications instead of /Applications ?
I tried moving 1Password to ~/Applications and it complains.

No matter what I do, Head Tracked Spatial Audio eventually re-enables itself on my 3rd gen. AirPods. Is there any way to turn it off permanently?

@stux Does mstdn.social intend to defederate with Meta/Facebook when that capability eventually arrives?

@1password What’s going on with 1Password’s memory usage. The main window isn’t even open.

@gruber I appreciated the The Talk Show Live intro. I waiting to hear ”Now, remember, you're All a big part of the show, So the better you are, the better John is.”

Training Peaks integration 😱

Holy crap! Apple Watch estimating FTP!? And connectivity to power meters! Still not sure why I’d ditch my Garmin bike computer.

Season 2 of TLOU has been green lit. That’s going to drag a bunch of people through the wringer. theverge.com/2023/1/27/2357444

Using @ivory has made such a difference to my consumption of Mastodon. As a long time Tweetbot/Twitterific user, the migration to Mastodon has been frequently jarring. Now I feel at home.

I’ve been on this planet for 47yrs and yesterday I discovered what that additional hole is used for on trainers. Heel lock. I tried it on this morning’s run and it’s a revelation! m.youtube.com/watch?v=1tPGJ3-m

That was great first episode. I’m already bought into Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

Strava’s UK price increase seems like a reasonable one. I’ve been a user for many years and I still think it’s good value. Especially when considering how other social platforms are run.

A tip for those individuals running K3s on RaspberryPi devices. Be wary of using MySQL as a datastore. MySQL performance can suck which in turn affects the stability of your K3s cluster.

I’ve installed etcd on a RaspberryPi zero, and it’s working great. etcd is smaller, faster, and more simple to run.