Why did I buy these? My wife is a big fan of Ultra Boosts and they were heavily discounted. After 2 runs I’m not sure when or why I’d ever choose to run in these.

The sock-like fit is nice, they’re like putting on slippers. Unfortunately I think I might be faster in slippers.

The Adidas sizing is frustrating. I initially ordered a size too small. In the UK shoes are sold in UK sizes, most of the time. My European size is 46. Unlike Brooks, Saucony, and HokaONEONE, a European size 46 in Adidas land is 11 whereas it’s 10.5 for the other brands.

The toe box is spacious and they do allow in more air than any of the other shoes I own.

It feels like there’s a fair amount of flex in the sole. The heel feels well cushioned but the forefoot feels somewhat uncushioned. Not sure I like this, I prefer my shoes to bit a bit more ridgid.

Weighing 373g, the Ultra Boosts are by far the heaviest running shoes I own. My next heaviest shoe is the Ghost 14, weighing 311g. My 18 month old and worn out Ghost 13s feel better than running in these.

These Ultra Boosts are totally underwhelming.